Formed from the ashes of Lifelover, last november Kall released their debut album. So we've contacted with the band to chat about this release and the band's future plans.


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Kall is the name of the new musical project founded by the members of Lifelover. What remains of the previous band and what are the new ideas you expose in this ensemble?

- Besides obviously having the same vocalist our bass-player Fix is handling the rhythm guitars and the lead-guitarist H. keeps his position in the band, while we all may shift our roles in the studio or when we rehearse depending on what goal we got with a song to make it all sound as good as possible. There are no limits or rules to what we aim to express and trying to describe it would only be limiting, so I rather say that those who wait and see will be rewarded.

One of the main things that impressed me the most when I listened your debut – which can be listened for free in your HYPERLINK ""Bandcamp – was the evolution of your sound and your style if we compare it to your previous works. Where does the inspiration come from to create these new songs?

- We all got different lives that takes us around the world and beyond it, so inspiration comes in so many forms.

I am often the first who attack tags, but it has been really shocking for me to find so much diversity in your LP. It is easy to find ambient, progressive and post-rock elements in compositions like “Varelsen” or “Far Väl”, which contrast with other songs like “Descending Ascension” or “En Ljusare Morgondag”, full of agony and darkness. How do you approach to these elements when you compose? Do you have any concrete philosophy about it?

- We come to agreements on what fits together when we rehearse and develop the concepts from there to make them as interesting and useful as possible until we have expressed as much as possible within the realm of each composition so the album becomes a whole.

“Progressive” seems to be a very popular tag lately. Do you feel you are that kind of band for posing longer and more complex compositions or do you think that using that term is abusive?

- It's a term that most wouldn't be able to live up to if seriously challenged to, and rather a word that people use when they face something new or different to them. While anything and anyone that strives to evolve, never take shortcuts and do something truly that is their own, can be referred to as progressive. Nothing however is abusive unless you let it be, that is something entirely up to the perceiver.

Talking about compositions: how is the habitual process of composition of your songs? Do you work together in them or there is someone who takes the initiative?

- We are all multi-instrumentalists so there are always several ways to share our ideas with each other when we rehearse, perform live and record. Of course someone has to start, but we're all quite sure about what we want to express which is why our lineup works so well together.

I would like to ask you about your lyrics. Which direction did you decide to take in this work? Which thematic do you treat?

- I think it's important to share and express the abstract and metaphorical so that the audience can create their own meaning and impression of the words we add to the songs or sometimes just titles. There is always a great need and value in giving and receiving education not only in life, but in spirit. To teach yourself and others what cannot be seen or felt to some. To share something that isn't only an action, but an inspiration to act!

How was the process of development and production of the album? Was the result the way you expected or has it surpassed your expectations?

- With every recording there will be obstacles, as with most things in life. But that is one of the things that makes it rewarding to handle it all ourselves while there is something new or special we can learn and implement into our songs and productions. Expectations are meant to be surpassed or they would serve no purpose.

Talking about expectations: how is the reception from your fans? Have they been tough with your new material or did they like it?

- It's been a good start.

Did you plan any international tour or forming part of any festival? Because honestly, it would be great to see you playing in Spain.

- We don't know any organizers in Spain, but would really love to perform there if there is anyone that can help us set something up. So far we can only start with central-Europa as we are limited to where people either contact us about performing live or where we've performed before.

Which future plans has got Kall beyond what we said previously?

- New releases showing different sides of us as a band and composers will be created and released when there is the possibility, and when we're not in our studio/rehearsal we will try to be on the road as much as we can.

Is there among your plans any kind of parallel project not related with Kall?

- Naturally with the approaching 10-year anniversary of Lifelover we will do a couple of special events in 2015 around the world.

What about Hypothermia? Is there any possibility of seeing new material of the ensemble again?

- They are very active under the surface and have plans to release at least one new album in 2015 along with as of yet unreleased ep-material too. There is also a special collaboration in the works.

Interview by Fernando Acero